Saturday, June 25, 2011

The end of Starwars Galaxies

Sony annouced today that SWG will be shutdown on the 15th of dec of this year.

SWG was never a good game but it was a good example of the open world sand box mmo. It had some great ideas and they pushed the concept of what a open world should be.

Then the World of Warcraft came along.

It looks like the shutdown is due to The Old Republic and lucasarts. I guess this is the risk you run when using someone elses IP. Lord of the rings online also has this hanging over their heads as it wasn't too long ago the contract was renewed for a few more years.

I do feel sorry for the long term fans of the game, some have stuck by for the entire 8 years of the games life. It always sucks when something like this happens and the risks of playing mmos.


  1. Would be nice if they made it free to play for the remainder of its days lol.

  2. They haven't confirmed or denied going free play to the end. It would be nice and most MMO's do this when they know the game is going to be shut down.