Sunday, August 4, 2013

More EQN:Rumors

Another list of stuff announced at SOELive source from reddit:

  • Holy trinity is dead. No dedicated healers or focused tanks based on combat mechanics.
  • Combat model: visceral, active movement orientated gameplay.
  • Everyone is responsible for their own safety, and part of the action.
  • There is no threat meter/agro/taunting.
  • Utility classes will be rewarded for their efforts
  • NPC's will figure out your tactics and react. You're gonna want some friends to play with you.
  • There is no artificial limitation to the number of classes/abilities you can collect.
  • 8 combined abilities. Kind of like choosing your 8 spells in EQ1
  • The ownage we saw in the gameplay footage isn't going to be the norm. Those were highly advanced characters.
  • There will be a variety of pets. Some permanent and some temporary. Pet AI much smarter in this game
  • Newly added weapons also give the game more abilities.
  • Lots of abilities don't require a target. Swing a long sword, hit anything in its way
  • 4 weapon abilities and 4 character abilities.
  • highly customizable. i.e want to kill casters? Multiclass a rogue with a wizard and use Invisibility, backstab, manaburn, spell reflect
  • Every time a new class is added to the game we get new abilities that change the strategies used. Keep things fresh.
  • Name your custom classes.
  • Character abilities are pick and choose. Not weapon abilities
  • Customize your class. Choose abilities from any of the classes you possess.
  • Play one class, advance another. Don't have to be playing the class you want to work on.
  • Collect multiple classes, advance each one. Swap classes outside of combat
  • Character abilities: movement, offensive, defensive & utilities. Abilities based on class
    Blademaster: 4 offensive abilities
    Rogue: 2 offensive 2 utility
    Wizard: 2 movement 1 defense 1 offense
    Tempest: 2 movement 1 offense 1 utility
  • Classes that use the same weapons have different animations so you can tell what class somebody is by watching them move
  • Your weapons determine your 4 abilities.
  • No weapon swapping during combat
  • Class determines your armor/weapon options
  • Warrior animations inspired by the Incredible Hulk.
  • Warrior destructive and strong. Leap, whirlwind, shield bash.

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