Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Wildstar to have Subscription model

See ya Wildstar, I don't want you to call me any more until you go free to play.

Sure you have a plex system like EvE but you are not EvE. Unless there is a massive money sink in the game all your going to be doing is push around gold. I just know that Wildstar is going to have a cash shop as well to double dip.

I don't see the point of subscription games these days. Not after Star Trek Online made everyone look bad with Legacy of Romulas.

I would have also been fine with Buy to play, but this game is also Buy to play & Subscription. So that means if it lasts until expansions are released you have to buy those as well. Which kills your player base off slowly. E.G. I don't have Mists of Pandera. Once the next expansion for WoW is released it means I will be needing to fork out $120 to get mists and the next expansion. The likely hood of me doing that is ZERO.

EvE which doesn't charge for expansions gets me coming back every 1 - 2 years when they release something cool.

The shine of wildstar fell off a few months back when I realised its just a reskin of Warcraft. It still holding onto the Trinty and I can't stand Trinty games now. I want to play what ever I want, not the tank / healer because none else wants too !

If the game was buy to play or free to play then I would give it a shot. The reason is I feel pay to play games are corrupt. The prime example is Warcraft between Cata and Mists. There was almost a year of zero content updates. Free to play has to make content that brings people back to the game, they also have to craft items that people want to buy in the store.

I personally feel that STO store is very expensive but the way I look at it is I have gotten months of enjoyment out of the game so buying a $25 ship every so offen to support a game I like is good.

Buying a $25 sparkle horse while feeding them $15 a month ISN'T

So Subscription + all content is good
Buy to play / Free to play  + Store is also good
Buy to play + Subscription + Store is a rip off

I like to pay for my games, but I also like to get something in return for it that just the privilege to play as there are so many other ( and some times better ) games out there to play.

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