Friday, August 16, 2013

STO: Summer Giveaway – Day 4

Seems to be a Harry Kim theme going on .... 

Today’s FREE Federation C-Store item is the Rhode Island Class Refit!
The original Nova class first entered service in the late 24th century as a science and scout vessel. The ship was refitted in the early 25th century with a new look and updated technology. The first of the Science Vessel Refits was the U.S.S. Rhode Island, commanded by Captain Harry Kim. This refit comes standard with a Photonic Displacer Module. This console module can be used to generate a photonic duplicate while masking the ship's energy signature — a perfect decoy. The Photonic Displacer Module can be equipped on any ship in any console slot.
Today’s FREE Klingon C-Store item is the Phalanx Science Vessel!
 The capabilities of Gorn Science Vessels continue to impress the Klingon Defense Force. The Gorn Phalanx Science Vessel boasts advanced sensor technology on par with the best Starfleet has to offer. It also comes equipped with a Barrier Field Generator Console that can generate an energy barrier between your ship and a target which can be used defensively as cover. The Barrier Field Generator can be equipped in any console slot on any Klingon ship.

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