Friday, August 23, 2013

Neverwinter: Feywild is live

Neverwinters first expansion is live.

It adds a new Campaign system with a new zone to explore A 20v20 PVP/PVE event called Gauntlgrym and new professions.

There is also a new race for sale, Moon Elf. Near imposable to say that without falling off my chair. For $59.95 USD you can get this a unicorn and other elf fluff.

This is much like the Legcay of Romulas with non essential fluff up for insane prices. But I rather have games like this which allow me to return easy and just play than pay for a subscription.

I am also sure that you can get the elf separate ( problery $25 considering it looks like its sparkles) if you had some insane desire to roll one.

Still I have no issue what so ever with this model. Because its my choice. If they did decide to put something up that I must have, I would buy it as if this game was a subscription based game I would have put that amount of money into the game already. Much like the ships I have brought in Star Trek Online.

The Majority of the expansion is available for no extra cost so it is good to reward games that you enjoy playing.

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