Saturday, August 17, 2013

STO: Summer Giveaway – Day 5 Final

Today’s FREE Federation C-Store item is the Nebula Class Retrofit (Advanced Research Vessel Retrofit)!

The iconic Nebula class has been updated with the latest technology for use on the most difficult missions.
This ship is equipped with a Tachyon Detection Grid console. The console grants a passive bonus to Starship Sensor Array as well as allows the creation of a Tachyon Detection Grid that gives a bonus to Starship Sensors and Cloak Detection to your ship and nearby ally ships. The grid can extend from allies to encompass other friendly ships. This unique console may be equipped in any console slot on the Advanced Research Vessel Retrofit.

Today’s FREE Klingon C-Store item is the Marauder Flight Deck Cruiser (Marauder Patrol Cruiser)

The Orion Syndicate is allowing the KDF access to the designs of its famed Marauder Flight Deck Cruiser. The Marauder is a hybrid cruiser/light carrier. It has one hangar bay that can equip various small ships and drones. The Marauder comes equipped with Marauding Force assault shuttles which can be launched from your Hangar Bay. This unique hangar item allows you to launch assault shuttles to board and disable enemy ships. If any arrive safely, they will cause damage to the ship's crew and subsystems. Marauding Force may be equipped on any Carrier or Flight Deck Cruiser. You may only equip one of these on any single ship.

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